Executive Search

Flawless Executive Search specializes in Leadership hiring across industries and verticals. We cover an End-to-End Search, drawing up a Skill Matrix, charting the Grade Equivalence as per the requirement and enabling Competency Mapping for suitable selection.  Our Search offerings also include Board level Search, Diversity Search, Succession Planning and Executive Assessments. Finding the right people which will be right fill for the organization culture and this required sensibly crafted plan with flawless execution.

Flawless Executive Search aims to fulfill on-going requirements through profiles sourced via our multi-pronged approaches – be it our in-house databases, support from channel partners, field sourcing, market mapping and referrals. Our specialized search team are adept at addressing vertical specific demands, enabled by strong technology support  to ensure successful mandate delivery and for client satisfaction.

Our Research


Research is a key element of the executive search process at the Flawless. In our business, research is the complex set of targeted processes designed to identify, assess, manage and engage the strongest candidates right through to a successful placement at a client organization. Because Flawless researchers act on behalf of and represent our clients we keep professionalism, confidentiality and quality our top priorities. Our researchers are often the first point of contact with candidates on any given assignment, and first impressions count.

Researchers with Flawless are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with senior executives, and are adept at conducting nuanced conversations. They are trained to look beyond the essential job criteria to identify the softer skills and personal attributes, which lead to a closer fit and to a better appointment for our clients.

We treat all candidates with the same high level of respect as our clients. To ensure that the time spent with candidates is maximised, our researchers are thoroughly briefed on each assignment and can speak with authority about it. They understand your organisation, including its products, services, market position and culture. In today’s market, where every advantage must be exploited and capitalised upon, it is vital that we be able to convey the style and culture of your organisation.

As with our consulting work, our research networks are global. Ongoing cooperation between our many offices around the world allows us to keep abreast of market trends, share best practices and learn new methodologies. Our strong sense of community ensures that at the end of the day we offer our clients truly international scope grounded in local expertise.

Researchers are ambassadors for Flawless and on each assignment they perform a similar function for our clients. As such, we recruit only the very best. Each researcher is provided with ongoing training and development based around tried and tested methodologies that adhere to the highest standards of quality and ethical practices, carefully tailored to local market environments. To this, they bring advanced use of technology, innate intelligence, creativity, sophisticated communication and professionalism.

Our continuous investment in research and development, one of the highest in the industry, ensures that our services remain dynamic and market-leading - just another one of the things that set Flawless apart.

Our Approach


We begin by defining the scope of the assignment in discussion with our client. This may require a diagnostic study or a brainstorming session with a client team.

Defining the approach or methodology that we will adopt is the next step. Our focus will be to use relevant tools and techniques from a vast array and customise our approach to client needs. We do not believe in the "one coat fits all" approach.

Most assignments require a good understanding through evaluation of facts and situations. We believe data integrity and relevance is as important as the sophistication of analysis. This requires considerable checks and cross checks.

Providing the right perspective and insights is what adds value to analysis. Our wide knowledge and experience across a range of industries enables us provide this and has earned us the respect of our clients. We have been considered leaders in the country in several areas of HR.

We finally present our findings and thoughts with clarity and absolute independence to various levels of management.
Most of our clients have a continuing relationship with our consultants, which has lasted for several years.

Our Quality

Quality and continuous improvement are part of The Flawless strategy. The organisation has its own Quality Assurance Program to audit, measure and train member firms on benchmarked standards and processes. This program is executed under direct management of the Board. We see quality as an investment in the future of our clients, our candidates and ourselves.

Principles of Work

Client Relationships

The success of every search assignment depends on the relationship between the executive search firm and the client. That's why at Flawless we work in partnership with our clients to build leadership talent within the organisation and create real business value. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Working with the client and with an in-depth knowledge of their business, we provide the solution that truly meets their individual needs. A Flawless senior executive is involved in every stage of the search assignment to ensure that our clients benefit from our vast experience and expertise at all times.

Ensuring the reputation of our clients, as well as our own, is a key part of Flawless's offering. Because we represent the client in every aspect of the search assignment (contacting the candidate, etc.), we adhere to the highest professionals standards in all our activities.

Flawless has gained an enviable reputation for carrying out search activities in a discreet and unobtrusive manner. All client information is kept and used on a strictly confidential basis. We do not advertise the work we are undertaking for any client until the assignment is complete and then only with their permission.

Flawless is committed to offering the very best, most professional service to all our clients. For that reason we have created a code of ethics that includes a mandatory "off limits" policy. This means that once a candidate has been appointed by the client, they are no longer eligible to be approached for a new position in the future.

The superior quality of Flawless 's work is the result not only of our high levels of integrity and our comprehensive research and interview processes, it is because all Flawless executives are able to bring their own blend of creative thinking along with local knowledge to bear on every assignment. With vast and profound experience in the executive search industry, Flawless's partners have the analytical and strategic skills to make a real difference to our clients' organisations. Our honest approach and high level of flexibility are what make Flawless the preferred executive search partner for organisations across the world.

Approach to Candidates

At Flawless, candidates are treated with the same confidentiality, professionalism and respect as our clients. Acting as true intermediaries between the client and the candidate, we ensure that the solution is perfect for both parties. Our comprehensive process helps ensure an ideal fit for both the candidate and the client.

Potential candidates are initially approached by a senior Flawless employee to establish a possible interest in the position. Based on that interest, they receive a detailed briefing of the assignment. If they are interested in pursuing the search process further, they are then interviewed by a senior Flawless employee.

Flawless's success is due in part to our honesty and commitment to finding the right candidate. We know our clients intimately as well as having a full understanding of the industry they are in. Based on our in-depth knowledge, we counsel candidates on both the benefits and the possible disadvantages of the position. We are there to support them through their meetings with the client and we help manage the negotiating process.

In addition, based on our vast experience and profound understanding of the local marketplace, Flawless can also help manage the announcement of the new appointment. It is vital that all communication be effective, appropriate and timely. Proper communication internally and to the press can have a significant impact on the new appointee's effectiveness for the future.

At Flawless, we have found that our equal respect for our candidates and our clients has put us in a preferred position with both.

Performance Orientation

Flawless has only been able to build the long-term relationships we enjoy with our clients by ensuring that we offer superior performance on every search we undertake, at every level, in every industry and in every geography. Every partner has an unsurpassed understanding of their local market, has access to global expertise and adds true creativity to the searches they undertake. In this way, our clients benefit from a variety of viewpoints and a wealth of expertise and experience. For Flawless, only by offering unrivalled performance can we add real value.

Although a network of independently-owned firms, everyone at Flawless adheres to the same high standards of quality, believes in the same values of integrity and puts performance above all else. And because we are a network of independently-owned firms, we are able to offer independence of thought and add real originality and resourcefulness to our work. It is the combination of these assets that has driven our clients to rely on Flawless as their premium partner in executive search.

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