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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Management is first function that could be outsourced by an organization and could save cost of deploying extra manpower. The major of work of payroll processing is done at end of the month in 4-5 days where we deploy many of Executive throughout the month to handle Payroll, PF, ESI, LWF, etc . This becomes expensive when you have less number of employees and extra cost burden is taken for payroll.

Flawless provides cost effective & efficient solutions on processing of payroll. The process is designed to eliminate regulatory & compliance hassles that an organization faces. Flawless's focus is to provide exclusive service & innovative solutions in both off-site & online payroll processing.

Payroll Processing Services

  • We are an innovative payroll service company serving several satisfied customers. We are Affordable, Accessible and Accurate.
  • Our strategy is to provide a professional service using the full resources of our expertise developed through constant research and evolution.
  • We can commence at any point of time during the year.
  • You communicate your payroll information, which includes attendance hours and salary amounts, new hires or terminations and any employee data changes only.
  • We provide several choices for the mode of communicating this information to us, depending on your preference and needs.
  • We have an established reputation for quality work, which is practical and achievable, and we place a strong emphasis on professional integrity.
  • We provide quick and accurate payroll to all of clients. 
  • Our service offers an easy and effective method of processing payroll, handling payroll tax payments, and supporting the ever-growing needs of today's complex reporting systems.
  • Year-round  preparation of returns. It involves preparation of all monthly, quarterly and year-end returns, accurately and  signature-ready. 


  • Payroll summary/ Journals
  • Allowance and Deduction reports
  • Overtime reports and Shift Allowance Reports
  • Salary Reconciliation Report
  • Bank listing
  • List of employees due for confirmation
  • Payslip over email
  • Salary register
  • Statutory reports of PF, ESIC, income tax
  • Liaison with the respective authorities
  • Fulfillment of all statutory obligations


  • Reduce your costs,
  • Minimize compliance risks
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Easily Manageable
  • Smart e-mail notifications for Schedule & Changes
  • Remote Access
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Accuracy
  • Cloud Access – ESS / MSS (Employee Profile /Attendance / Leave / Reimbursement)
  • Dash Board & Reports
  • Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements with the employees
  • Service Level Agreement with the corporate
  • Online help available for employees to ask queries
  • Disaster recovery mechanisms

End To End Payroll Functions On One Platform

Payroll Management


  • Maintain employee records error-free
  • PF, ESI, LWF, PT reports
  • Tax reports processing Reimbursements & final settlements

Leave Management


  • Track employee attendance
  • Calculate working days
  • Manage leave applications smoothly
  • Paperless system integrates attendance and leave management

Employee Self Service


  • Interactive dashboard
  • Generate reports
  • Manage many work related task, activities and time / leave request, along with access to company policies

Statutory Compliance


  • Reduce time spent in creating accounting reports
  • Effortlessly maintain & analyze all financial records
  • Avoid data entry errors and process payroll accurately, on time
  • Streamline compliance processes
  • Say goodbye to manual payroll & tax calculations

Training Management


  • Training & support will be provided.

Salary Reports & Payslips


  • Payroll software notifies and enables pay slip view
  • Downloadable options for all employees in their logins
  • Get actionable insights around your payroll readiness and salary processing in a single screen
  • No more complicated menu traversals to perform your transactions

Cloud Service : ESS / MSS


  • Your employees will love the anytime, anywhere access to pay slips, salary statements, flexi benefits reports, Form 16 and other useful reports.
  • There's an inbuilt tax planner lists all deductions available in neatly grouped lists to enable employees to be aware of all tax saving avenues and make their declarations.
  • The interactive feature will help employees and managers to collaborate and manage leave and expense claims and approvals better
  • Employees can track and submit online leave and expense claims and managers get immediate notifications of the same for approvals.
  • Employees get to view details of their profile including information of their managers, salary hikes, PF and ESI nominations etc and any information which the company maintains like assets given, offer letter, experience letters etc based on the access rights set up by the HR.

Statutory Compliances:


Statutory compliances are “basic hygiene” that an organization must ensure to follow. However, since this is not the core functional area, it often remains out of sight and therefore, incomplete. A proper statutory compliances under various relevant laws builds credibility of the employer and moreover helps in avoiding non compliance issues – penalties, fines etc. which are more time consuming and expensive.

Companies, whether big and small have to adhere to laws so as to keep businesses out of legal trouble and avoid penalties. Hence, one needs to have a deep knowledge of it, to minimize the risk associated with non-compliance.

Kind of Services:


  • Identify applicable regulation, legislation & guidance
  • Develop appropriate policies & procedures for compliances
  • Implement risk based annual compliance plan
  • Assess ongoing compliance
  • Closing indentified gaps from annual review


The scope of this solution consists of a detailed audit process of the organization covering the statutory aspects – to find if the required statutory compliances regarding the remittances of dues, filing of challans, submission of returns and maintenance of records (as may be applicable to the organization under various labor laws / statutes) are being done properly. We also offer outsourcing solutions to manage various statutory compliances, thereby reducing the transactional load from your organization / HR team.

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